Digital Smoke is a privately owned company, formed in 2003 by Peter Wiseman, a veteran of the video games industry. Born and raised in England, he taught himself to code at the tender age of 13, developing games for the early 8-bit computers and eventually moving to California to work for Atari, Z-Axis/Activision and The 3DO Company. Pete has shipped games on the Tandy CoCo/Dragon 32, Amstrad CPC, Commodore Amiga, Atari Jaguar, Nintendo 64, Playstation 2, Game Boy Advance, Windows and Plug n Play TV Games. Due to an increasing distaste for the working conditions prevalent in today's video games industry, where crippling workloads and relationship-killing schedules with unpaid overtime are a far too common occurrence, Pete decided to give his employer the middle finger and start up on his own. Due to an unbridled obsession with skiing, what better place to do this than beautiful South Lake Tahoe, Nevada where the summers are sunny and the winters are snowy (and there's no state income tax which is always nice).

Solitaire City is Digital Smoke's flagship product and Pete has been regularly beefing it up in between skiing and contract work for Jakks Pacific and Santa Cruz Games.

The name "Digital Smoke" is a tribute to fellow limey programming legend, Jeff Minter who founded and owns Llamasoft and who Pete met while working at Atari. He excels at creating trippy graphical effects and created the ground breaking Virtual Light Machine in the Atari Jaguar Bog (err CD player) and much more impressive version in Microsoft's XBox 360. He has always referred to his psychedelic effects as "Digital Smoke" and the name was well liked and unashamedly stolen !