Silly Saucers™ is an addicting alien shooter for iPhone, iPad and Android!

The Silly Saucers have got lost and ended up perilously close to Earth! Show them the way back home with your photon laser cannons. Why are these silly bug eyed aliens flying their saucers so close to major cities? Who cares? Shoot first, ask questions later! Blast saucer after silly saucer to smithereens in high speed, arcade action. Games are fast and furious. The finely tuned difficulty curve will challenge you and keep you coming back for more and more alien annihilation.

Digital Smoke has another major hit on its hands with 10 Pin ShuffleTM which contains three great games in one for iPhoneTM, iPad and iPod® touch devices, played in a realistic 3D environment.
Regular table Shuffleboard that you've enjoyed in the local bar. Play against a friend over Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi or a computer controlled opponent trying to out-shuffle each other's weights or blast them off the table.
Shuffle Bowling which is very similar to regular Ten Pin Bowling except played on a Shuffleboard table with weights instead of bowling balls. The impressive "Newton" 3D physics engine provides realistic pin collisions, just like Nintendo's® WiiTM Sports Bowling.
10 Pin Poker is a combination of Shuffleboard, Bowling and Five Card Draw Poker. Earn playing cards for Strikes and Spares. Draw new cards when you have five. The player with the best five card poker hand after 10 frames wins.
Game Features
State of the art 3D graphics engine with reflections, shadows and realistic chrome Shuffleboard weights.
Real pin physics. Unlike many iPhone bowling games, 10 Pin Shuffle pins collide realistically with each other. Shuffleboard weights tip off the edges of the table and roll down the gutters just like they do at the bar.
Play against a friend over Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi or one of several computer controlled opponents. Unlock new opponents of increasing skill levels.
Instant replays of great shots.
Realistic sound effects and crowd reactions. Listen to your iPod music library while you play.
Bowling game statistics are updated and saved each time you play.
Turkey rewards and winners animations.
Saves the game state when your iPhone is interrupted so you can continue playing where you left off next time you start the App.
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Solitaire City

Solitaire City® is one of the most addictive collections of solitaire games you'll ever play as you race against the clock to achieve the best times. The faster you complete a game, the higher your score. Solitaire City automatically downloads the best scores of players from all around the world for real-time on-line tournaments. Try to beat the best solitaire players in the world or just compete against yourself or friends, trying to shave a few seconds off your best time.

Solitaire City for Windows and OS X Solitaire City for Windows
(Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000)
Solitaire City for Windows
Solitaire City for Macintosh
(PowerPC or Intel OS X computers)
Solitaire City for Mac OS X
iPhone, iPad and iPod touch iPhone, iPad and iPod touch iTunes App Store
Android Phones and Tablets Android Phones and Tablets Get It On Google Play
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Design Solitaire Cardsets Download New Cardsets

Solitaire Setty is a powerful cardset design tool that you can use to create your own cardsets for Solitaire City. Turn your favourite JPEG collection into a photo-realistic cardset or download cardsets from the Internet and use Solitaire Setty to convert them into cardsets for either the Windows or Pocket PC versions of Solitaire City. Best of all, Solitaire Setty is completely FREE !

Free Download Available for Windows Solitaire Setty for Windows

FreePlaySolitaire is a free online version of Solitaire City. Play Spider Solitaire, Klondike, Alternations, Canfield, Pyramid and Golf Solitaires in your web browser for free. Each week, a different solitaire game is selected for timed competition. Compete against other solitaire players from all around the world to see who can achieve the highest score during the week.